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The Cobblestone Project is a local non-profit passionately committed to hunger relief by donating over half of production to local food agencies in NWA. Our mission is to grow fresh food locally so we can support and teach the community the role fresh food has on health, wellness and a sustainable future.

We exist to: Provide access to fresh food to those who struggle to meet their basic needs. Motivate individuals in our community to live sustainably and advocate for the food insecure. Partner with local hunger relief agencies and sustainable development programs.

Members of communities all over Northwest Arkansas continue to silently face nutritional food deprivation. Cobblestone is directly affecting families and children in our community who need a fresh, nutritional meal. We also seek to educate our community on the need for us to come together and lend a helping hand to address the hunger relief problem in NWA. We encourage members of our communities to learn the struggles of their neighbors and offer a helping hand.