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Our Team & Partners

Meet the Team


Cobblestone Headshots-22.jpg

Kelton Hays

Executive Director

Cobblestone Headshots-8.jpg

Ellen Carroll

Program Manager

Cobblestone Headshots-16.jpg

Nena Hammer

Farm Manager

Cobblestone Headshots-18.jpg

Hannah Fulwiler

Produce Coordinator

Cobblestone Headshots-20.jpg

Ellen Gregory

Produce Manager

Cobblestone Headshots-4.jpg

Julia Gavrielides

Program Coordinator

Board of Directors

kristin hs_edited.jpg

Kristin Aschoff

Chair | Walmart

andrea hs_edited.jpg

Andrea Kleinhenz

Wright Lindsey Jennings

laura hs.png

Laura Brewer

Compton Gardens

rod hs 2.jpg

Rod Downey

Vice Chair | Dream Harvest

brittney hs.png

Brittaney Wooldrige


shelly dare hs_edited.jpg

Shelly Dare Smith


dr donnie hs 2_edited.jpg

Dr. Donnie Williams

Treasurer | University of Arkansas

daniel hs 3_edited.jpg

Daniel Robards

Aquaponics AI

waltina hs 2_edited.jpg

Waltina Hanna

Hanna Family Ranch

danielle hs 2_edited.jpg

Danielle Lyman

Secretary | Walmart

diane hs.png

Diane Higgins 

New Heights Church

Cobblestone Headshots-22.jpg

Kelton Hays

Executive Director | Cobblestone Farms

Our Partners

NWA Community Members

Everything we do begins and ends with our community. We have been so blessed over the years to have thousands of individuals and families donate hundreds of thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to help make our community a better place!

Corporate Partners

It is vital that non-profits and local business work together in order to make our community a better place for all. We are honored by our local business partners and the investment they've made in our mission over the years.

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grass roots logo.png

Foundations, Churches and Partnering Organizations

We long to work alongside other "mission-driven" organizations. We believe that we are all on the same team and are striving for similar goals.

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new heights logo.png
HrA logo.png
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