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Mission, Vision, Values

The reason behind everything we do 

Every person and organization has a "Why" which drives
them to do what they do. Ours is simple.

We love our community and we want to do everything we can to improve it.

Fall Harvest Program (Green).png

We believe that all of our community members should have access to fresh, nutritionally dense food.

We believe that we have a responsibility to care for our environment as we produce that food.

Ultimately, we believe providing for all community members and preserving our environment is the best way to deliver long-term prosperity to our community.

We exist to cultivate a community free from hunger through sustainable agriculture.



We desire to see a Northwest Arkansas where all people have access to local, fresh, nutritionally dense foods that are grown through sustainable agricultural practices.





"If you want to go fasts, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We believe that no one person or organization can bring about the progress and change required in our community. To reach our goals it will take our entire community. We desire to come alongside and partner with others in our community who are striving for a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous food system.

"All things work together." This is true for people, systems, and our environment. We desire to always take into consideration the whole picture. We long to leave things better than we found them.

"Never settle for doing things the way they've always been done." We never want to do things just because that is the way it's always been done. We believe it's important to always ask why and be open to learning.

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