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Visit the Farm

Our Visit the Farm program is designed for individuals and groups who are passionate about learning and sharing the importance of sustainable agriculture and hunger relief. When you visit our farm, you will be taken on a guided tour that showcases the work we do to grow fresh, healthy produce for our local community. 

The Visit the Farm program is perfect for school groups, corporate teams, or anyone who wants to learn more about sustainable agriculture and the impact it can have on our communities. We can tailor our tours to fit your specific interests and needs, whether you are looking for a hands-on experience or simply want to learn more about what we do. By participating in the Visit the Farm program, you are not only supporting Cobblestone Farms, but you are also helping to make a difference in the lives of those struggling with hunger. All proceeds from our tours go directly to supporting our hunger relief programs, so you can feel good knowing that your visit


If you'd like to schedule a tour or field trip please contact

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